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rip_sidvicious's Journal

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May R.I.P Jonh Simon Richie aka Sid Vicious
May 10,1957-Feburary 2,1979
"I'll Die before Im 25 and when i do ill have lived the way i wanted to."

a Community for those who Love Sid vicious
a Place to talk about his Death
and his Remembrance

1 simple Rule
1. Dont Talk Trash to the Moderator that will automatically Get you Banned. My words over yours
Try to get along
and Everything Else is allowed and dont join unless you know for a fact you know who Sid vicious was.
and none of that 'Benji Kid vicious' shit here! Benji will never be like Sid so STFU!
1977, 77, johnny rotten, sid and nancy, sid dead livem'77, sid vicious